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Welcome to the documentation for the Solytic GraphQL API.

To familiarize yourself with GraphQL and its concepts, we recommend the following resources:

Fetch only what you need

GraphQL allows developers to write minimal queries that only provide the exact data that is needed on the current page or screen, for example. So please only include the fields in the responses that you actually need. This has some benefits:

  • The query is sent faster via HTTP, as less data needs to be sent
  • The response is created faster in the backend, because less fields need to be resolved


You can use the following tools to explore the API:

  • Playground
  • Insomnia, an open-source API client that is specialized in GraphQL
  • Postman, a general purpose tool for API development

Please check the linked pages for official documentation, except for the Playground, which will be described in our API.

On the next page, we'll explain how to make your first successful query.